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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections for England and Wales

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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections for England and Wales

On Thursday 5 May 2016 there are elections taking place across England and Wales for Police and Crime Commissioners. There are Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in 41 police force areas.  There is no PCC in London as the Mayor’s office includes oversight of policing.

Click here to find the PCC candidates standing in your area

Criminal activity can have a devastating impact on communities right across England and Wales. Crime can destroy families, ruin businesses and damage society. It is important that we have effective policing so that individuals can flourish and achieve their God-given potential. Police and Crime Commissioners play an important role in holding police forces accountable and should seek to ensure police forces consider and respond to the particular needs of their community.

CARE has a particular interest in the enforcement of policies around human trafficking and prostitution. We want to see Police and Crime Commissioners elected who will provide committed and effective leadership on tackling these de-humanising practices, and who seek to make the enforcement of the law in these areas a priority across our nation.

  • We are concerned that laws criminalising the buying of sex (such as kerb-crawling and buying sex from someone who is a victim of coercion) are not being adequately prioritised.
  • We also would like to see all police forces making human trafficking and modern day slavery a high priority following the passing of the Modern Slavery Act in March 2015.

The upcoming elections provide Christians with an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of these issues and seek to make them a priority for police forces in England and Wales.

We recognise that crime and policing are wide ranging issues and that Christians should be interested in the provision of justice in all areas. These pages focus on human trafficking and sexual exploitation because that is the aspect of policing where CARE has some particular expertise.  However, we very much hope that some of the more general information here will encourage and inspire you to engage with the PCC elections more widely.

If you live in London, the Mayor has oversight of policing.  We recognise that the responsibilities of the Mayor are far wider than this, but would encourage you to engage with the Mayoral candidates on the same basis as if they are PCC candidates (which in effect they are with respect to policing!) on these important issues.

You can find out the details of all the candidates for Mayor of London here

If you live in the Greater Manchester area the new Mayor with wider devolved powers will take over responsibility for policing issues from the current Police and Crime Commissioner following the Mayoral elections in May 2017.  This means there will be no PCC election in Greater Manchester in 2016.

What you can do

Find out more about Police and Crime Commissioners here.

You can find out who your current PCC is and how to contact them on the APCCS website here.

There is more information about Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation here.