Equipping Christians for the 2016 Elections

2016 Election results
James Mildred

As the dust settles on the elections that took place last week, we have summarised the results from across the country.

Scottish Parliament

The SNP remain in power with 63 out of 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Conservatives overtook Scottish Labour as the second largest party. They gained an additional 16 MSPs to take their tally to 31. Scottish Labour finished with 24 MSPs and the Greens and the Liberal Democrats got 6 and 5 MSPs respectively.

SNP: 63

Scottish Conservatives: 31

Scottish Labour: 24

Green: 6

Lib Dem: 5

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Welsh Assembly

In Wales Labour have retained power, but have fallen just short of an overall majority. UKIP managed to win seats in Wales for the very first time.

Labour: 29

Plaid Cymru: 12

Conservative: 11


Lib Dems: 1

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Northern Ireland Assembly

The DUP managed to win the same number of seats as last time meaning Arlene Foster will remain as First Minister.

DUP: 38

Sinn Féin: 28

UUP: 16

SDLP: 12

Alliance: 8

People Before Profit: 2

Greens: 2

TUV: 1

Independent Unionist: 1

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London Mayor

Sadiq Khan has been elected as London’s new Mayor. He polled 1,310,143 votes while his nearest rival, Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, received 994,614 votes.

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London Assembly

Labour: 12

Conservative: 8

Green Party: 2


Lib Dem: 1

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Police and Crime Commissioners – England and Wales

Elections were held in 40 police force areas.

Conservative: 20

Labour: 15

Independents: 3

Plaid Cymru: 2

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England – council elections

Council elections were held in 124 English councils and the following results were returned.

Labour: 58 councils; 1,326 seats

Conservative: 38 councils; 842 seats

Liberal Democrat: 4 councils; 378 seats

Independent: 77 seats

UKIP: 58 seats

Green Party: 45 seats

Residents: 39 seats

Liberal: 4 seats

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