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NI Assembly Elections: what about marriage?
Tim Houston

A number of Northern Irish political parties made manifesto commitments with regard to marriage. You can see these commitments below.

Alliance Party

“Our priorities for improving the rights of LGBT people include: introducing legislation to extend civil marriage provisions to same sex couples, provided that robust protections are provided through legislation to protect faith groups and religious celebrants who do not wish to marry same-sex couples.” (p24)

Democratic Unionist Party

“In addition, the DUP has: stood by its commitment to family values and marriage and will continue to do so.” (p20)

Green Party Northern Ireland

“The Green Party will bring forward legislation for equal marriage.” (p10)

Sinn Fein

“Sinn Fein’s priorities in Government: Marriage Equality for all citizens.” (p18)

Social Democratic and Labour Party

“We will bring forward legislation to extend the right to marry with full family status to same sex couples.” (p42)

Traditional Unionist Voice

“It is noteworthy that when the civil partnership legislation was being debated back in 2004, the Minister in charge, Jackie Smith, told the Commons: “The whole point, however, is that civil partnership is not civil marriage, for a variety of reasons, such as the traditions and history- religious and otherwise- that accompany marriage. It is not marriage. (Hansard, 9th November 2004)

Yet, as many predicted, civil partnership became a stepping stone to full “marriage”. TUV will oppose any redefinition of marriage and defend traditional family values as outlined in the founding principles of the party, believing that that is the bedrock for the success of society.” (p43)

Workers Party

“The Assembly must legislate for marriage equality in Northern Ireland and clearly signal that all citizens are treated equally.” (p22)

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